Pot Woolies

$1 for a quart bag (plus shipping).  These are raw wool for use in the bottom of your pots or planters to provide drainage, aeration and natural fertilizer for your plants.

Bella, TyDye and Sweets at Fence Place a wad several inches thick in the bottom of your pot before you fill it with dirt or potting soil. The Pot Woolie will provide aeration, drainage, and fertilizer for your plants in one all natural clump of wool! The wool will decompose over time but will provide your plants with the optimum growing environment for many years.

The wool used in these Pot Woolies is “farm fresh” from Dancing Waters Farm’s sheep: Bella, Meadow Sweets and TyDye. The wool is unwashed so supervise children who might be using the Pot Woolies and always use gloves when handling and wash your hands after touching them.

Contact me for a quote based on your location and amount wanted.  Substantial discounts for larger quantities.

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