Romney Ewe Gives Birth to Sextuplets

County Tyrone sheep at Shannon farm gives birth to rare sextuplet lambs

  • 1 April 2016  [Not an April’s Fool joke!]

Romney lambs

The daughter is as cute (maybe more) than the lambs!  Rare case of sextuplets born to a Romney ewe in Ireland.

Sheep and goats typically have 2 udders although they may have more.  More than 2 are considered a fault in pure breeds, particularly dairy breeds.  Defies logic as cows have 4 (more is possible but a fault and are removed! if the cows are to be used for dairying) and only give birth to one or two calves at most while it is not rare for a sheep to have triplets.   It is not rare for a few sheep breeds such as Finns to have quads but sextuplets are rare in any sheep breed.