Addicted to Sheep

Would love to see the movie Addicted to Sheep.    Not often there’s a move about a small family sheep farm not to mention that they keep Swaledale sheep!!!  Love the look of Swaledales with their black mask.  Here’s the synopsis:
“In the North Pennines, tenant farmers Tom and Kay spend their days looking after their flock of prized sheep, and hoping that this will be the year they breed the perfect one. Director Magali Pettier, herself a farmer’s daughter, follows a year in their lives, capturing both the stark, stunning beauty of the landscape, and the brutally hard graft it takes just to survive. Their three children are growing up close to the land, attending a school entirely comprised of farmers’ children, thoroughly immersed in their remote rural world. As the seasons change the couple help birth, groom, nurture and sell their sheep – even when the odds often seems stacked against them. A treat for the senses, Addicted to Sheep allows us to experience life on a hill farm – without having to get mucked in ourselves. – Carol Nahra – See more at:”  Copied from the film’s website.
Here’s the trailer and the blog.
If you want to know more about Swaledale sheep take a look at the association web site.
The are a local breed so not often seen out of the Swaledale area (Yorkshire, England). They are beautiful and well adapted to living in a rough environment.

Photo: Kreuzschnabel/ Wikimedia Commons, Licence


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