Adopt an Angora Goat

Pick your share size, and then select the column corresponding to the product you’d like to receive. Weights are in pounds and approximate.   A combination of products can also be selected.

Price includes:  local delivery, 10% discount on any additional fiber purchases during the year, and a quarterly email with photos from your adopted goat.

Yearly Cost (ex-shipping) Clean Mohair   Nat.  Roving    Dyed Roving Nat. Yarn Dyed Yarn
Full Share $200 5.0# 4.0# 3.5# 2.5# 2.0#
Half Share $100 2.5# 2.0# 1.8# 1.3# 1.0#
Quarter Share $50 1.3# 1.0# 0.9# 0.6# 0.5#

Yarn is generally available in 2 ply sport weight (~50 yards/ounce)  or 2-3 ply
worsted weight ( ~24 yards/ounce).

Did you know…for each goat it costs over $60/year for hay,  $30 to be shorn twice/year, and then there’s the cost of grain and vaccinations.  Also there is daily time spent caring for them which includes: feeding, providing water, trimming feet and keeping their living areas clean.  Then the fiber has to be washed and processed to be usable for felting, spinning, weaving, knitting, crocheting or other fiber activities!  Fiber production is very labor intensive.

On average 35% of the raw fleece weight is lost in washing – due to the weight of dirt, grease and areas that are damaged or too dirty to process.

Share Size

Roving or Batt of the Month

Please specify roving or batts.

Batts are 1.5 – 2 ounces in weight, so a 4 ounce CSA will provide ~2 batts and an 8 ounce CSA will provide ~ 4 batts but the exact number will vary.  Fiber will be mostly mohair, but may also include wool.  Prices in the table below are monthly prices.

Price includes local delivery and 10% discount on additional fiber purchases for any 12 month CSA.

                                             Monthly Prices


 1 ounce  2 ounces  4 ounces  8 ounces





Dyed or  Surprise Me:

1 ounce 2 ounces 4 ounces 8 ounces






1 ounce 2 ounces 4 ounces 8 ounces
$4 for
2- 0.5 oz samples

$7 for
4-0.5 samples

$15 for
4-1 ounce samples

$25 for
4-2 ounce samples

Shipping charges will be billed separately as needed.

Select Color and Monthly Amount:
Color vs Surprise vs Mix?  Please specify below.

Adopt a Heritage Breed Flock

Adopt a flock of 5 hens and receive on average a dozen eggs per week for 52 weeks.
Hens do not lay consistently year round, so you will typically receive more than a dozen eggs during the Spring and Summer, and fewer than a dozen eggs per week during the late Fall & early Winter months.

 You will also receive a quarterly email with photos from your hens.
$155/year if cartons are returned and $175/year if cartons are not returned.  (Local
customers only, as shipping is not practical).

Did you know… egg cartons cost $0.40 (only $0.05 for the carton but $0.35 for shipping!!)