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Entirely USA made of fiber from my Angora goats and sheep, supplemented with fibers from other small USA farmers. Dancing Waters Farm is a smokefree, animal friendly farm, (no animals are taken to slaughter) which is why the majority of my fibers are from goats or sheep more than three years old. Hand dyed or naturally colored yarns are available, and custom colors can be provided on request. Fiber is hand washed, and carded into roving. You may notice a small amount of vegetable matter (VM) as my fibers are gently processed – no harsh chemical treatments to dissolve vegetation or clean the fibers. It is also your assurance of the highest quality fiber, as it has not been weakened or damaged by processing.

The high mohair content ensures that products made from the roving, tops or batts are longer lasting and more lustrous than pure wool.

Fiber care:  Hand wash, air dry.
Fiber can be felted.
Recommended Uses: sweaters, mittens, rugs, felting. Weavers please look under millspun yarns.

NOTE:  Shipping included. Please contact me for other quantities and at the farm pricing if you would like to pickup products.  All products ship USPS Priority Mail 2-3 Day, unless otherwise requested.

Millspun Yarns

Skein Prices: $19/4 oz skeins, $15/3.5 oz. skeins, $14/3 oz. skeins, $12/2.5 oz. skeins plus shipping.  Flat rate shipping provides a discount on purchases of more than 4 skeins.  Skein weights are rounded to the nearest half ounce for pricing but actual approximate weight is listed in the description.

Hand Dyed/Painted.

50% Mohair 50% Wool.  ~250 yards, Sport weight, 2ply, 4 ounce skeins. 

NOTE: Listings Being Updated, Check Back Later.

Hand Kettle Dyed Before Carding.


Forest Dreams

Forest Dreams

Green With Envy

Green With Envy

Peael Green

Pearl Green

The Blues Millspun Yarn

The Blues

Fiji 2Ply Sport Millspun Yarn


Fiji Lavender Twist 2Ply Sort 4 Oz Skein Yarn

Fiji Lavender Twist

Lichen Lavender Twist 2Ply Sport 4 oz Skein Millspun Yarn

Lichen Lavender Twist

Lichen 2Ply Sport 4 oz Skein Millspun Yarn


50% Mohair 50% Wool, ~200 yards, Sport weight, 2ply, 3.2 ounce skeins.

NOTE: Listings Being Updated, Check Back Later.

Hand Painted Skeins.
Sumer Skies Yarn

Summer Skies

Iris Millspun Yarn


Mardi Gras Millspun Yarn

Mardi Gras

Wildflower Meadow Millspun Yarn

Wildflower Meadows

Coreopsis Yarn


Onion Soup Millspun Yarn

Onion Soup

Sky Blue Millspun Yarn

Sky Blue


Millspun – Naturals

Skeins.  50% Mohair 50% Wool unless otherwise specified. NOTE: Listings Being Updated, Check Back Later.

Yarn Nuts 45 Mohair 55 Wool 2 Ply

Nuts: 45% Mohair 55% Wool, ~250 yds, DK (2ply) ~4 oz skeins

Yarn Tan 3Ply Millspun 50% Adult Mohair 50% Shetland Wool 2.5 Oz Skeins

Tan: ~150 yards, Worsted (3ply) 2.5 oz skeins


Millspun – Sold by Weight You Specify:  $5/ounce, $19/ 4 oz, $28/ 8 oz (48 % savings), $49/pound (54% savings)  + shipping.  Savings is total of fiber + shipping vs 1 oz fiber purchase.

Also available for same price:
1Ply (DK), 2Ply (Sport), 3Ply (Bulky)White
1Ply (DK), 2Ply (Sport) Tan
2Ply (Sport) Tweed White/Tan (1Ply each color)
1Ply(DK), 2Ply (Sport) Grey
Yarn Farm Grey 65% Mohair 35% Shetland 3ply Bulky

Farm Grey 65% Mohair 35% Shetland 3ply Bulky


Corespun – Naturals

Weaving yarn.  Each bump makes ~12 square feet of rug (2’x6′ or 3’x4′) and are ~2 pounds, 100 yards. 

Yarn Corespun Natural Grey 100 Yards 2 Pounds 47% Adult Mohair 53% Shetland/ Cheviot Wool

Grey: 47% Mohair 53% Wool

Yarn Corespun White 100 Yards 2 Pounds 75% Adult Mohair 25% Shetland Wool

White: 75% Mohair 25% Wool

Corespun Natural Stripes

Natural Stripes: 50% Mohair 50% Wool





Handspun Yarn

None available at this time. Pictures below show some of my dyed and natural colored hand spun skeins.

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