BattsDyed Roving,   Natural Roving,   Top

Creation Details:

Entirely USA made of fiber from my Angora goats and sheep, supplemented with fibers from other small USA farmers. Dancing Waters Farm is a smoke-free, animal friendly farm (no animals are taken to slaughter) which is why the majority of my fibers are from goats more than three years old.

Processor (all small USA mills) is noted in the description as well as detailed fiber composition.  Batts are custom carded on the farm, and custom batts and colors can be created on request.

All prices include shipping up to a pound.  Compare to Knit Picks price for 100% white corriedale roving $6/ounce ($96/pound) excluding shipping.   Sampler packs can be made on request.

Dyed Roving Drying

Hand Painted Roving Drying

Fiber is hand washed and carded into roving. You may notice a small amount of vegetable matter (VM) as my fibers are gently processed (hand washed by me) with no harsh chemical treatments to dissolve vegetation or clean the fibers. It is also your assurance of the highest quality fiber, as it has not been weakened or damaged by processing.  Top is semi-worsted (random orientation of fiber locks vs all oriented in the same direction for true worsted top) at Zeilinger’s in MI.

The high mohair content ensures that products made from the roving, tops or batts are longer lasting and more lustrous than pure wool.

NOTE: Please contact me for at the farm pickup.

Roving – Dyed

50% Mohair – 50% Wool Except as Noted.   Click on Photo for details.

Price:  $10/ 4 oz, $20/ 8 oz plus shipping

Starry Nights Roving

Starry Nights SOLD OUT

Roving Turquoise


Roving Periwinkle


Roving Green Violet Twist

Green Violet Twist

Roving Blue Violet Twist

Blue Violet Twist SOLD OUT

Roving Blue Green Twist

Blue Green Twist

Roving Sun Yellow Hand Kettle Dyed Before Carding

Sun Yellow

Roving Toffee

Toffee (67% Mohair 33% Wool)

Roving Country Green

Country Green

Roving Dusky Country Green

Dusky Country Green

Roving Olive


Roving Key Lime

Key Lime – Sorry, Sold Out, Alternative Available Soon

Roving Fuschia


Mahogany Hand Kettle Dyed Roving


Roving Mulberry Hand Kettle Dyed Before Carding


Roving Reddish Brown

Reddish Brown

Metallica (Black with Red, Yellow, Blue Highlights)

Metallica (80% Mohair, 20% Wool)

Roving Jupiter

Jupiter (32% Mohair, 68% Wool)

Samplers of 4 colors  1 oz each also available.

Roving – Natural

Click on Photo for details.

Price:  $10/ 4 oz, $20/ 8 oz plus shipping

Roving Light Grey 100% Shetland

Light Grey 100% Shetland

Roving Earth Mohair Wool Llama


Trinity Roving

Trinity (21% Mohair 46% Wool 33% Llama)

100% Cream/ Brown Shetland

100% Cream/ Brown Shetland

Roving Dark Brown 72% Shetland 28% Llama

Dark Brown 72% Shetland 28% Llama

Semi-Worsted Top

Click on Photo for details.

Price:  $10/ 4 oz, $20/ 8 oz plus shipping

White Top 37% Shetland 63% Mohair

White Top 63% Mohair 37% Shetland Wool

Top White 69% mohair 31% wool

Top White 69% Mohair 31% Wool

Top Grey 170x128 20100430

Grey 78% Mohair 22% Shetland Wool

Batts – Hand Made on the Farm

50% Mohair – 50% Wool Except as Noted.   Click on Photo for details.

Price:  $10/ 4 oz,  $20/8 oz plus shipping

Batt Royal Blue

Royal Blue