Top – Tan – Natural

Top White 31% wool 69% mohair

Tan Top 31% wool 69% mohair

Description: Combed semi-worsted fibers. This is the best fiber as it is all the same length and extremely clean, no VM.
69% mohair (55% kid, 30% yearling, 16% adult doe),
31% wool (33% Shetland, 67% Cheviot)
Color: Light Tan or Cream
Fiber Content: Mohair: DWF’s Red, Rose, Sienna
Wool: Shetland, Phoenix Farm’s (WI); Cheviot, Shepherd’s Croft (PA)
Type (Processor): Semi-worsted Top (Zeilinger’s, MI)
Quantity (Pounds): 20
Price: $3.50/ounce, $21/8 ounces, $37/pound plus shipping

Quantity (Shipping Included)