Roving – Eat Your Greens – Lettuce – Hand Kettle Dyed



Kale rolled into a ball

Lettuce rolled into a ball

Celery rolled into a ball

Kale unrolled

Lettuce unrolled

Celery unrolled

Description: Kale is the darkest of the “Eat Your Greens” rovings that were hand kettle dyed after carding.
Lettuce is in between Kale and Celery in color, while Celery is the palest of the “Eat Your Greens” rovings.
75% kid mohair – 25% Blue Faced Leicester
Color: Shades of bright crisp green which become lighter as you move further into the ~1 pound roving ball. Celery has yellow notes near the center of the ball.
Fiber Content: Mohair (kid): DWF’s Rose, Jasmine, Thelma:
Wool: Blue Faced Leicester: DWF’s Esmerelda
Type (Processor): Roving (Frankenmuth, MI)
Quantity (Pounds): 1 of each colorway (1 pound each roving)
Price: $40 plus shipping.